What’s this all about?

This newsletter examines the modern business and technology of mapping. Sometimes, I analyze a particular business or news item. Other times, I look at an emerging trend or pattern. Always, I share my opinion on what’s happening and why.

What’s with the name?

In the mid ‘70s, my mother was a radio DJ and had a regular hour-long spot called, “A Closer Look with Mary Fanning.” She would produce human-interest interviews with local residents of Burlington, North Carolina (where the station was). I thought it would be fun to revive the franchise. Love you, Mom!

How frequent are posts?

I typically post once a month. If the spirit moves me, I might post twice in a month.

How do I get in touch?

My personal email is jrmorrison.jrm [at] gmail [dot] com. But the easiest way to reach me is just to respond directly to the newsletter when it hits your inbox—replies go directly to me!

I’m not currently interested in wiring money to people stuck overseas or purchasing more leads for my website, but thank you to all of the wonderful people who have sent messages about those topics.

I am currently interested in receiving emails that include critiques of my work, heads up about typos, words of encouragement, and other constructive forms of human interaction.